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Brian Kaskavalciyan

Brian is the creator and host of the popular podcast The Wealthy Contractor that is listened to by thousands of contractors around the world. He is also the co-founder of gFour Marketing Group, a strategic marketing firm that works directly with hundreds of multi-million dollar home improvement companies across North America.


Brian Elias, 1-800-HANSONS, from the foreword of The 7 Secrets to Becoming a Wealthy Contractor.

“You are the epitome of The Wealthy Contractor,” Brian K. told me.

I told him I never really thought of myself in that way. I just went to work every day to make my company, 1-800-HANSONS, a world-class organization. But, it wasn’t always that way. I literally started Hansons out of the trunk of my car. I didn’t have any money… no family connections… no real advantages. I was not “wealthy” in any real sense; however, I was hungry to make money and live a better life. 


In the early days of my business, I would go knock on doors to make leads. I knew if I knocked on enough doors, I’d get someone to let me in.  And if I got enough people to let me in, I knew I would sell my products and services. And, if I sold enough of my products and services, and provided great value for my customer, I would actually build a business. 


Over the course of nearly 30 years, I built 1-800-HANSONS into one of the largest home improvement companies in the country. Last year, I sold a majority interest to a private equity company. At the time of the sale, we had 8 offices, were completing over 10,000 jobs per year and doing about $75 million in revenue.


From the beginning, I wanted to build a business that served my life, not one that trapped me. In order to make that happen, I knew I not only needed to work on my business, but I also needed to work on myself. So I followed the great Jim Rohn’s advice and I worked harder on myself than on my job. 

In this book Brian K. will help you discover what you really want from your business, the real business you’re in, how to think about your time, and so much more. This book is loaded with practical, useful information that you can learn and begin implementing IMMEDIATELY. 


It is well worth your time and attention. In fact, I recommend you put everything else aside RIGHT NOW and get to work on the pages of this book.

What Contractors Are

Saying About The 7 Secrets Book...

Like me, many contractors set out to start their own businesses to make money and buy time to do more of the things that we want to do. We all think we can do it better than our bosses or owners that we work for. Soon after we find ourselves on a never ending hamster wheel being MORE stressed out, LOSING TIME and in many cases, MAKING LESS MONEY than we did before!  


As a result, we completely forget about why we started our businesses in the first place and think that we are simply in business to get leads and sell jobs without paying any attention to the bottom line. 


What I love about Brian and this book is that unlike other authors or “experts” in our industry, he focuses on mindset. 


This book reminds us of why we got into business in the first place - not only helping us to refocus, but delivering the tools and insights necessary to get us back on track to accomplishing what we initially set out to accomplish in the first place.

John Anglis

CareFree Home Pros

Brian nails the fundamentals of what all wealthy home service providers NEED to know. Business is not complicated and these 7 rules applied correctly can change a business from zero to hero. I wish I could have had this book 10 years ago and lived it. Great quotes, great value and truly inspirational. 

Tommy Mello

A-1 Garage 

This book is great. As a contractor who’s been in business for almost forty years, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make more money. The seven secrets are shortcuts to success. Brian, as usual, you make it easy.

Ron Greenbaum

The Basement Doctor

Brian’s teachings and beliefs have created waves in my company.  I couldn't put this book down after I started reading it, full of powerful information to guide you to becoming a Wealthy Contractor!

Mark Olsen

Krumweide Home Pros

The blueprint and truth about the contracting business, you can't learn this in any university. This is years of hands-on experience that is 100% on you and your dedication. What I would have paid for this advice 25 years ago. Priceless.

Larry Gebhart

Ridgetop Exteriors

Brian has really hit a home run here for business owners who want to take control of their businesses. In these few short pages, you will find seven proven secrets that you can employ in your life and in your business that will open the path to new levels of wealth and success for you and your business. This book hones in on one very true thing: if you want to improve your company and your results, you must start with improving yourself, your mindset, and your beliefs... a must-read.​

Jason Phillips

Phillips Home Improvements

I have known Brian for a long time and have personally seen him grow from a small home improvement marketing specialist to one of the industry’s most respected and valued business consultants. How? By putting into practice the advice that he conveys in his book! Brian’s stuff is not theoretical, it is real-world tested and proven. He also gets to the core of his advice while pulling away the excuses and fluff. Brian does a great job of putting some powerful messages into some very concise and direct words. Something that is very difficult to do. Brian’s “in your face” writing style gives you very direct “how-to” guidelines without boring you with a lot of theory. Its message is easy to follow, absorb, initiate and follow. All you need is the guts to carry it through.​

Steve Rennekamp

Energy Swing Windows

This book is a refreshing reminder of 7 Success Nuggets.  Brian reminds us to start with our WHY. To keep our eye on the PRIZE and not just the PRICE. Brian embodies the fundamental character traits of Honesty – Hunger – Honeable  – Humble and has invested countless hours as a student of Personal Development and practices Servant Leadership. This book is Leadership 101.

Bob Quillen

Quillen Brothers Windows

Brian lays out a concise, pragmatic road map for anyone wanting to build a successful home improvement company or take their company to the next level. I have known Brian and valued his tutelage for many years and can attest to his 7 profitable insights/strategies. Just wish I’d had this valuable, quick and enjoyable book when I started out. Better late than never. Great stuff.

Ger Ronan

Yankee Home Improvements

In the over twenty-five years that I’ve known Brian, I have seen him evolve from a hungry, motivated, inquisitive, inexperienced young entrepreneur to an industry guru dedicated to helping others maximize the abundant opportunities that life in the home improvement business makes available.


As someone who has learned many lessons the hard way, I can say that what Brian is offering in this quick, easy-to-read book is priceless! As Brian often says, “Success leaves clues!” Most of the “secrets” Brian unveils are really not secrets at all (“secrets” is a sexy way to compel you to want to pick this up and read it), but rather they are common sense, sage old advice from many wise people who have gone before us that are too often overlooked.


The challenge is to figure out what you need to stop doing and what you need to start doing. The challenge is to realize that you need to slow down to go faster. Slowing down to get off the merry-go-round and figure out where your head is, what is truly important, and setting priorities, goals and a plan for your business and life is what it is all about. Then, having the perseverance to stick with it and push through the inevitable obstacles that will occur is critical.


This book will give anyone who is HOW (Honest-Open-Willing) the insight, guidance, road map and tools to maximize their personal and business potential, leave a legacy of success, and make a positive difference for all those who matter in their life. Go for it!

Charlie Gindele

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