Here is just some of what will be covered:

💰 Lending fees will destroy your profitability if not handled correctly. We’ll show you how to properly account for lending fees;


💰 How to deal with sales commissions on undersold jobs;


💰 How to properly setup your Chart of Accounts;


💰 Your profit and loss statement is your ultimate scorecard, we’ll show you:

- How to build your profit and loss statement the right way;

- How to read your profit and loss statement;

- How to manage your profit and loss statement;


💰 How to avoid the top 5 most common mistakes with reading a Profit and Loss statement;


💰 What does the term "fully loaded" mean? And, 

What does a “fully loaded” marketing cost include;

What does "fully loaded" sales expense include;




** Please note that when we say SHOULD we are not making any income claims. Individual results will vary - as they always do. It will be your responsibility to implement what you learn from this workshop. And, if done properly you will make more money - a lot more money.


That's right, the risk is entirely on US. You have until the very end of the 2 days to determine if this workshop was valuable for you or not. If for any reason you are not 100% thrilled with the content and value, you just let us know and we will give you 3 times your entrance fee (as a penalty) back.

*The not so fine print: This is a "play fair" guarantee. (1) The penalty is limited to just one per company (additionally tickets will be refunded in full). (2) The primary participant MUST be the business owner to qualify, and (3) You must be present to claim the penalty - "no shows" are NOT entitled to penalty or refunds. 





Mark Curry brings a unique perspective to the remodeling industry with 32 years of experience.  Ironically, he spent the 1980’s working in the defense industry as an Aerospace Engineer before being introduced to the lucrative industry of the direct selling of home improvements.  In the 1990’s Curry accumulated years of experience in sales and sales management, but his engineering background never left him.  He was always surprised how the industry seemed to somehow succeed despite itself.  “For the most part, companies would place all their emphasis on driving sales, find a way to install the product and then look at their bank account with the hope that they made money”, Curry states.


In 2001, Curry purchased the replacement window company that he worked for after twelve years.  At the time, the company was upside down with a negative cash flow.  He immediately implemented unique financial systems and processes that gave rise to one of the most profitably sustained companies in the mid 2000’s.   It wasn’t long before other business owners were seeking his counsel for their own turnarounds.


In the late 2000’s, Curry sold his replacement window company and applied his proven system with the startup of a new business.  That business, known today as Revelare Kitchens, covers six states in the Northeast and continues to grow with strong margins.


Today, Mark spends most his time consulting other businesses, in and outside of the Home Improvement industry.  His system is rooted in schooling business owners on how to properly set up their P&L’s so they have an easy score card to monitor their progress and to have a simple and accurate means to make the right day-to-day decisions. 


Brian is the creator and host of the popular podcast The Wealthy Contractor that is listened to by thousands of contractors around the world.


He is also the co-founder of gFour Marketing Group, a strategic marketing firm that works directly with hundreds of multi-million dollar home improvement companies across North America.


The Home Improvement Industry Has a Dirty Little Secret... 


This secret is so bad that very few people have the guts to talk about it - let alone do anything about it - until now.


A lot of people think they're making money because there's cash in the bank, but how do you know if you are actually making money?


Most of us have had to try and figure this out on our own... after all, who taught us the actual mechanics of how to create a profitable home improvement business? 

Here are just some of the important questions we'll be answering during these 2 days:

I want to grow but what is the safest and smartest way to go about this?


Financial Decision Making... 

How do you make key financial decisions in your business? Unfortunately, you can't rely on your bookkeeper. Most are just working with and recording transactions, they don’t know how to interpret the information.


You can not rely on your accountant either. Most don’t understand OUR business. They don’t have a true understanding of the business and how to build out your profit and loss statements.

Here are just some of the important questions we'll be answering during these 2 days:

How do I know when I can afford to hire that extra admin, manager, bookkeeper, etc.?

What are the basic fundamentals I need to know regarding taxes?


So much of the profitability of your business is dependent on having the correct pricing model.


There is really ONE, and ONLY ONE proper formula for pricing jobs for profitability. 

Here are just some of the important questions we'll be answering during these 2 days:

What percentage should my gross margins be?

What does it really take to charges prices higher than my competition?



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